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  • XK5032 blackjack online.bonus dafabet Milling Machine
  • XK5032 blackjack online.bonus dafabet Milling Machine

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The main performance characteristics

1. The fuselage and main components are of high strength cast iron, metallographic structure stability, ensure the stability of machine tool for long-term use.

2. The column bottom A font bridge type structure, Combined with the base of the box body, greatly reduce the heavy cutting vibration body.

3. The X/Y/Z three axis adopt Taiwan linear guide, high precision, accurate positioning, small friction, fast reaction speed.

4. The high speed, high precision and high rigidity spindle unit.

5. The intermittent automatic lubrication. 

blackjack online.bonus dafabet Milling Machine Application

1. The product for the X, Y, Z axis servo control semi closed loop vertical blackjack online.bonus dafabet bed type milling machines, three axis were rectangular hardened rail, rail width, large span, structure and dimension is compact and reasonable.Can be realized on a variety of disk, plate, shell, cam, mold and other complex parts of a fixture.

2. This blackjack online.bonus dafabet Milling Machine is suitable for multi variety, medium and small volume production, can meet the complex, high precision parts processing. 

3. Is mechanical manufacturing, mold, equipment, instrumentation, automotive, motorcycle and other industries of the ideal processing equipment.

4. Can be petty four axis of rotation, in order to meet the special requirements of machining parts.

Product main technical parameters:

Table sizemm1320x320
Table travel (X.Y.Z)mm900x290x350
T-type slot(numbers / width /space)mm3-18-80
Max. load working tablekg320
Distance from spindle nose to tablemm40-390
Distance from column axis to column guide waymm350
Rapid feed speed(X.Y.Z)mm/min6000/6000/3000
Feed speed X.Y(.Z)mm/min6-3200(3-1600)
Spindle travelmm70
Spindle taper
Max. 5revolving angle of vertical milling head°±45°
Spindle speed rangerpm30-1500(18 steps)
Spindle motor powerKW7.5
Longitudinal, transverse feed motor torque(X.Y)N. m12
Vertical feed motor torque (Z)N. m22
Max. spindle torqueN. m1000
Overall dimensions(Lx W x H)mm2300x1900x2300
Machine weightKg3000



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